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                Sour Lollipop Fundraising

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                Sour Lollipop Fundraising

                There is one thing that is certain. Kids love sour lollipops. In fact so do many adults. There are lots of lollipop fundraisers available but you need to try our Shockwaves sour lollipop fundraiser.

                You get six fantastic sour assorted flavors. Although flavors are subject to change at any time right now the flavor assortment includes Blue Raspberry Lollipops, Watermelon Lollipops, Green Apple Lollipops, Grape Lollipops, Lemon Lollipops and Cherry Lollipops.

                You make 50% profit on lollipop fundraisers. These lollipops sell for $.50 each. Your cost is only $.25 each.

                There are 576 lollipops in each case. There is only a 1 case minimum. Shipping is FREE.

                You can order your shockwaves sour fundraising lollipops directly online or you can call us toll free to place your order. Most people purchase a case of Shockwave Fundraising Lollipops for every 2 to 4 group members.

                Pricing & Profit – How much do you want to fund raise?

                Cases Bought Cost Per Case Profit %
                1 min $144.00 50%

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