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              1. Unique Fundraising Ideas from FastTrack Fundraising Safe Fundraising
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                Smencils Fundraising

                Smencils Fundraiser
                Quantity Price per Case Profit
                1 case minimum $275.00 45%

                * Each case contains 10 buckets with 50 smencils in each bucket (total of 500 smencils per case).

                Select the type of Smencils and number of cases:

                Smencils FundraiserCases
                original smencils fundraiser Original Smencils
                colored smencils fundraiser Colored Smencils
                smens fundraiser Smens Scented Pens

                (50 smens per box, 5 boxes per case)

                How It Works

                Order a case of Smencils

                smencils fundraiser case
                Each case contains 10 buckets with 50 smencils in each bucket (total of 500 smencils per case)

                Sell each Smencil for just $1 (Each case sells for a total of $500.00)

                Raise 45% Profit on every Smencil ($275.00 per case!)

                fundraiser rush shipping

                Order today to receive your Smencils in business days.

                About the Recycled Smencil Scented Pencils

                Original Bucket Smencils Fundraiser Colored Bucket Smencils Fundraiser Peppermint Smencils Fundraiser

                10 reasons Smencils fundraising works:

                1. No Sugar.
                2. No Calories.
                3. They don't melt.
                4. They're actually useful.
                5. They're actually interesting.
                6. They're good for the environment.
                7. They show the benefits of recycling.
                8. They're unique - so no competition.
                9. They're all packed up and ready to go.
                10. Sell anytime of the year and in many ways.

                Smencils come in cases that contain 10 buckets with 50 Smencils in each bucket (total of 500 Smencils per case). Each Smencil sells for $1 each, and you earn $225 profit per case sold!

                Order a case of Smencils »

                Smencils Fundraiser Tip
                You can see the newsprint in the layers of newspaper when you sharpen them. Even the shavings smell great!
                • Sheets of 100% recycled newspaper are rolled tightly around a #2 graphite-writing core until pencils of typical thickness are formed.
                • They they are hardened, allowing them to be sharpened just like a wood pencil
                • Next the Gourmet Smencil is soaked with a liquid gourmet scent.
                • Once dry, the erasers are attached and flavor stick is wrapped around the Smencil to identify what scent infused into the Smencil.
                • Each Smencil is put into its own Freshness Tube (we guarantee the scents will last for 2 years - in or out of the tubes).

                Recent Fundraising Groups:

                smencils fundraising groups

                Smencils are a fun fundraiser that are useful and promote environmental awareness. We guarantee your success, so there's nothing to lose! Start your Smencil fundraiser today.

                P.S. Order now to receive your Smencils fundraiser in business days! We provide FREE SHIPPING nationwide.

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