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              1. Unique Fundraising Ideas from FastTrack Fundraising Safe Fundraising
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                Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser

                Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser
                Pricing Price Per Card Profit
                Buy 10 or more cards $10.00 50%

                Free Fundraiser Shipping Quick delivery in 2-4 business days, rush overnight available.

                Total Cards: (10 minimum)
                Total Price:
                Your Profit:

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                How It Works

                fundraising profit # Participants # cards sold each = $- profit!

                Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser
                Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser

                Cardholders choose from more than 18,000 restaurants!

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                1. View participating restaurants in your zip code:
                2. Sell each gift card for $20.00 each. 50% profit!
                3. Customers go online to http://fundraising.restaurant.com and redeem each $20 card for $50 worth of certificates that are available from over 14,000 restaurants nationwide.

                4. Back of Card (click to enlarge)
                  Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser

                  Sample Restaurant.com Partners

                  This fundraising program is so simple! The cards have no expiration dates for you to worry about so there's no pressure for you or your customer.

                  Restaurant.com Gift Card diners

                  View full list of restaurant partners »

                  gift card fundraiser BBQ 2 YOU gift card fundraiser
                  gift card fundraiser gift card fundraiser gift card fundraiser

                  Thousands more available and new restaurants added daily!
                  As Seen On
                  Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser

                  With 50% profit and free shipping you should strongly consider this fundraiser! Supporters will love saving 60% on every meal. Start your Restaurant.com Gift Card Fundraiser today!

                  Order Restaurant.com Gift Card Fundraiser

                  P.S. Order now to receive your fundraising cards in 2-4 days! We provide FREE SHIPPING nationwide!

                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Do I have to pay for the cards upfront?

                  We have two different payment options for you:

                  1. You can pay upfront using a credit card, e-check, or by mailing in a check.
                  2. If you are a public school we can accept your public school purchase order and give you 30 days to pay.

                  You will be able to choose your payment option choice when you are placing your order online.

                  How do the supporters use the restaurant.com cards?

                  To use the card, your supporters will go to fundraising.restaurant.com. They will enter the code on the back of the card into the website and enter their zip code to see what dining certificate options are available in their area. The dining certificate options will range from $15.00 to $50.00 and it can be used all at one location or can be split up to be used at multiple restaurants. They would print out the dining certificate that they chose and present it when they go to the restaurant. *Please note that only one dining certificate can be used per visit and there might be a minimum purchase requirement. Any stipulations will be listed before your supporters choose the dining certificate.

                  Are these cards customized?

                  The cards will not be customized.

                  How many times can the card be used?

                  The cards are valid for up to $50.00 for restaurant.com dining certificates.

                  How much do the restaurant.com gift cards cost?

                  Each card costs $10.00 and is sold to supporters for $20.00. Your profit will be $10.00 per card.

                  Is there a minimum number of cards I need to buy?

                  The minimum purchase is for 10 restaurant.com gift card

                  Additional Fundraising Tips

                  gift card fundraiser tips The restaurant gift card fundraiser is great for the tough economic times we are all facing right now. You've probably found that most of your fundraising customers are cutting back on their discretionary spending budget and not purchasing as much from you as before. That is to be expected in tough financial times. But the restaurant gift card fundraiser taps into a different part of their household budget, the dining/entertainment budget. No matter what - we all still eat out occasionally. It never hurts to remind your customers that not only are they helping your group and its cause out but they are also saving 60% off their meals out that they would be normally buying at full price if it wasn't for you and your restaurant gift card fundraiser.

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