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              1. Unique Fundraising Ideas from FastTrack Fundraising Safe Fundraising
                Call Toll-Free: 1-888-778-2580


                How It Works

                Your group creates their own presale order-form by filling out the information below.
                The participants show the form to potential supporters and records orders on the order form.
                These order forms are then returned to FastTrack Fundraising, and we will print and ship your fundraising cards for you based on the number of orders you presold.
                Your group members deliver the cards to the supporters. Funds can either be collected at the time of the selection or upon delivery.

                Create and print your own presell form for discount cards! Simply enter in the merchant offers and your organization info below to create a custom presale form.

                Step 1a: Choose the discount card you would like to presell
                Pizza Discount Card Sub Sandwich Discount Card Custom Discount Card

                Step 1b: Fundraiser Information
                The name of your organization: *
                Fundraising Message: *
                Price you want to sell the card for: $ *

                Need More Information?

                Click to Call Chat Online fundraising company

                Call us toll free at 1-888-778-2580 or email us at . We'll send you a free guide filled with fundraising ideas to get you started.

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