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              1. Unique Fundraising Ideas from FastTrack Fundraising Safe Fundraising
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                Photo Gift Card Fundraiser

                sears fundraising card walmart fundraising card
                Pricing Price Per Card Profit
                Buy 500+ cards $3.00 70%
                Buy 100-499 cards $4.00 60%
                Buy 1-99 cards $5.00 50%

                * Each card sells for $10
                * Quick delivery in business days
                * Cards can be customized with your group's name
                Walmart Store Locator | Sears Store Locator

                Picture Studio# Cards
                Sears Portrait Studio
                (Min 25 cards)
                PictureMe at Walmart

                How the Photo Gift Card Fundraiser Works

                fundraising gift card

                Order a set of fundraising cards. We recommend 3-5 cards per fundraising participant.

                Sell each photo gift card for $10 (up to 90% profit!)

                Supporters redeem the gift card at their local Sears Portrait Studio or Wal-Mart PictureMe Portrait Studio and save up to $44.95!
                Walmart Store Locator | Sears Store Locator

                Every gift card contains a free portrait bundle redeemable at any local Sears Portrait Studio or Wal-Mart PictureMe Portrait Studio.

                order fundraiser

                P.S. Order now to receive your photography gift cards in business days! We provide FREE SHIPPING nationwide.

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