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                Money Savings Card Fundraiser

                Your Profit Percent


                Cost to Get Started

                $1 - $5

                Your Shipping Cost



                Money Savings Cards Online Shopping Fundraiser

                Check out our newest fundraising discount card.

                You sell people our Money Savings Cards and they are given membership to a website that offers the internet's best discounts from hundreds of major, brand-name online retailers. Card members get cash back on all of their online purchases when they enter their favorite stores through the Money Savings website.

                The card sells for only $10. Your cost is as low as $1 each so you can make up to 90% profit.

                To make the sale even more attractive for your customer Money Savings Card will immediately credit the card holders cash back account with $10 - the cost of the card. Cardholders are paid on the 15th of every month once they have accrued a minimum of $25 in cash back. Their balance will roll forward until they reach that threshold.

                These online fundraising cards can be sold to anyone, ANYWHERE!  That's right; anywhere!  Since the discounts are redeemed online, your group can sell fundraising cards to family and friends all over the country! 

                Pricing & Profit – How much do you want to fund raise?

                Cards Bought Cost Per Card Profit %
                1000 $1.00 90%
                500 $1.50 85%
                250 $2.00 80%
                100 $3.00 70%
                25 min $5.00 50%

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