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                Lip Fundraising Lollipops

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                Lip Fundraising Lollipops

                Do you sell fundraising lollipops? Then you should consider our Lip Fundraising Lollipops. They sell well any time of the year and they really sell well before, during and after Valentine's Day.

                Our 1 oz. lip fundraising lollipops sell for just $.50 each. You make 50% profit. They are packed in cases of 640 lollipops. Each case has 8 packages containing 80 lollipops.There is only a 1 case minimum so you can purchase a case and see how your sales are. Shipping is FREE.

                We suggest you purchase one case for every 2 to 4 people selling for your group.

                Pricing & Profit – How much do you want to fund raise?

                Cases Bought Cost Per Case Profit %
                1 min $160.00 50%

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