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              1. Unique Fundraising Ideas from FastTrack Fundraising Safe Fundraising
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                Create a Free Fundraising Thermometer

                Track and display your fundraising goal online with FastTrack's Free FundTracker™! You can update your FundTracker directly from your webpage. There is no need to come get new code everytime like other thermometers.

                To get your Free thermometer code just click the button below.

                Copy and paste the code that is returned into your website and that is it!

                If you do not manage your website you should email the code to your webmaster.


                Fundraising thermometers are a great way to track your fundraising progress online. Use our free fundraising thermometer to see how close you are to your fundraising goals!

                Benefits of a fundraising thermometer:
                fundraising thermometer benefit #1
                Clear goals are much more likely to be achieved
                fundraising thermometer benefit #2
                Everybody is aware of how much more needs to be raised
                fundraising thermometer benefit #3
                Seeing the thermometer increase helps motivate the group!

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