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                Preformed Fundraising Cookie Dough

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                Preformed Fundraising Cookie Dough

                Fundraising Cookie Dough has always been a terrific product to sell for groups needing to raise money. This preformed cookie dough is extremely popular because of how easy it is for your customer. The dough comes in cookie sized portions that can take from the freezer and placed right in the oven.
                We are very excited to introduce you to our brand new program because now you sell preportioned cookie dough for only $10 per box.
                We introduced $10 tubs of cookie dough a few years ago as prices were skyrocketing. It quickly became our best seller.
                This new program offers the 4 top selling cookie dough flavors including Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut.


                1. We send you FREE order fundraising cookie dough brochures.

                2. Your group members pre sell cookie for around 2 weeks

                3. Gather the order forms at the end of your sale and tally them together.

                4. We will ship your fundraising cookie dough around 2 weeks after we receive your order and payment.

                5. When your order arrives, you distribute the cookie dough to your group. 

                There is no risk to start your cookie dough fundraiser. Just let us know how many people are selling and we will send marketing materials for them to start selling so with no risk start your cookie dough fundraiser today.

                Pricing & Profit – How much do you want to fund raise?

                Boxes Bought % Profit Total Profit
                5000 and up 55% $44000.00 +
                1664 50% $13312.00
                664 45% $4780.80
                336 40% $2150.40
                200 30% $960.00
                120 min 25% $480.00

                How Preformed Fundraising Cookie Dough Works

                Request brochures to be mailed to you, or download a brochure and start taking orders!

                Tally your orders together and place your order online or call us toll free. You will receive your products in 7-10 business days.

                Distribute your products and collect your money - make up to 55% profit on all sales!

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                Need More Information?

                Click to Call Chat Online fundraising company

                Call us toll free at 1-888-778-2580 or email us at . We'll send you a free guide filled with fundraising ideas to get you started.

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