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                Find a fundraising program for your group!

                School Fundraising

                School Fundraising Ideas
                Very pleased with the level of support and professionalism given by your Production Manager-Chris Dao. Our order was placed and in our hands in only one week. All our expectations were met ... You can't go wrong with this. THANKS.
                - Leroy Shirk, Columbus East High School

                Church Fundraisers

                Church Fundraising Ideas
                You guys are amazing! Very helpful, and worked with me on my deadline. The card turned out great, and the community LOVES it! It has acutally boosted some of the smaller businesss trafic. I am VERY plese with the out come so far and will deffinetly use you again for the next one!
                - Sonja Williams, Life Ministry Church

                Sports Fundraisers

                Sports Fundraising Ideas
                I must say that in all my years of PTA and Little League fund-raisers, this has been by far the easiest program. Your design team was great with the requested changes, your communication was prompt, and the card quality is superior to others in the field. Thank you so much for your time and effort on our behalf!
                - Tami Slagill, Murietta National Little League

                Non-Profit Organizations & Charity Groups

                Non Profit Fundraising Ideas
                We have sold enough to pay for the cards in the same month - the rest is clear money for next month.
                - Kathy Davenport, Big Pontiac Relay for Life

                Free Fundraising Info Kit

                Need More Information?

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