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              1. Unique Fundraising Ideas from FastTrack Fundraising Safe Fundraising
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                Easy Fundraisers Church

                There are lots of great church fundraisers. But let's talk about some easy ones. After all wouldn't you like to make your next church fundraiser fast, easy and profitable?

                Our top suggestion for a no upfront cost fundraiser is our Journey of Faith candle fundraiser. All of our candle fundraisers will work for a church group but Journey of Faith is just a natural. All of candle labels reference Bible verses and the main themes of the verse. They make great gifts and can be used in any home or office.

                We will give each person in your group a free brochure and some marketing materials to show to people. They'll take orders, collect money and then turn in their orders to you. You place your bulk order and use the money collected to pay for your candles. How's that for an easy church fundraising idea?

                Below we have outlined some of our other fundraising ideas. All of these are are available to church groups and churches. Just click on any of the links to get more information.

                Fundraising Cards Quick Sell Fundraising Products Brochure Fundraising Products

                Fundraising Cards

                Guaranteed profit or your money back!

                Quick Sell Fundraisers

                Order the fundraiser then sell it, it's that easy :)

                Brochure Fundraisers

                No money needed to start - free catalogs!

                Candy Fundraising Products Lollipop Fundraising Products Scratch Card Fundraising Ideas

                Candy Fundraisers

                Our Best Selling Fundraisers

                Lollipop Fundraising

                Easy to sell and FREE Shipping!

                Scratch Card Fundraising

                Each Card Raises $100!


                Recent Fundraisers:

                Need More Information?

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                Call us toll free at 1-888-778-2580 or email us at . We'll send you a free guide filled with fundraising ideas to get you started.

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