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              1. Unique Fundraising Ideas from FastTrack Fundraising Safe Fundraising
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                Easy College Fundraisers

                Are you a college student that needs to raise some money? Let us share a couple of easy college fundraisers you might consider.

                Pizza Discount Cards: How many college students do you know that don't enjoy a slice of pizza or more every once in a while? That's why these buy one get one free discount cards make so much send as a college fundraiser. You can save people lots of money and make up to 90% profit for yourselve or your group.

                Sorority Scratch Card Fundraiser: If you're a member of a sorority or fraternity you should review the details of our scratch card program. They offer as easy way to raise $100 per card which is up to 90% profit.

                Below you will see an outline of all of the other fundraising products we offer. Most of these also make good college fundraising choices. But the two above are extremely easy college fundraisers.

                Fundraising Cards Quick Sell Fundraising Products Brochure Fundraising Products

                Fundraising Cards

                Guaranteed profit or your money back!

                Quick Sell Fundraisers

                Order the fundraiser then sell it, it's that easy :)

                Brochure Fundraisers

                No money needed to start - free catalogs!

                Candy Fundraising Products Lollipop Fundraising Products Scratch Card Fundraising Ideas

                Candy Fundraisers

                Our Best Selling Fundraisers

                Lollipop Fundraising

                Easy to sell and FREE Shipping!

                Scratch Card Fundraising

                Each Card Raises $100!


                Recent Fundraisers:

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