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              1. Unique Fundraising Ideas from FastTrack Fundraising Safe Fundraising
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                Start this Fundraiser

                Dinner and a Movie Discount Card Fundraiser

                Discount Card Fundraiser
                • Each card has printable discounts for local businesses
                • 60% Profit on Every Card
                • Good Anywhere in the USA
                • Delivered in 3-5 business days, overnight rush available

                Pricing & Profit – How much do you want to raise?

                Cards Purchased Cost Per Card Card Sells For Profit % Your Total Profit!
                75 (minimum) $4.00 $10.00 60% $6.00 per card


                How It Works

                fundraising profit step 1

                Order a set of Dinner & a Movie Fundraising Cards (75 min)
                We recommend 5 cards per fundraising participant.

                Discount Card Fundraiser
                Discount Card Fundraiser
                fundraising profit step 2

                Sell each Fundraising Card for $10.00 each.
                60% profit per card: 100 cards sold = $600 raised, 500 cards sold = $3,000 raised!

                fundraising profit step 3

                Supporters can print out discounts for over 100,000 locations nationwide. Lookup discounts in your area by entering your zip code:

                risk free card fundraiser

                With 60% profit and free shipping you've got nothing to lose! Supporters will love saving money when they go out. Start your Dinner & a Movie Fundraiser today!

                Order Fundraising Card

                P.S. Order now to receive your fundraising cards in 7 days! We provide FREE SHIPPING nationwide!

                Additional Card Fundraising Tips

                gift card fundraiser tips The dinner and a movie fundraising card is great for the tough economic times we are all facing right now. You've probably found that most of your fundraising supporters are cutting back on their discretionary spending budget and not purchasing as much from you as before. That is to be expected in tough financial times. But the dinner and a movie fundraising card taps into a different part of their household budget, the dining/entertainment budget. No matter what - we all still eat out occasionally. It never hurts to remind your supporters that not only are they helping your group and its cause out but they are also saving money on their meals out that they would be normally buying at full price!

                Frequently Asked Questions

                Can I customize the cards?

                No we no longer offer customization of these cards. We do that to hold down pricing.

                Can the discounts be used more than once?

                Yes, the discounts can be used multiple times for up to one year.

                Do the discounts need to be printed?

                Yes, discounts will need to be printed. Some merchants may accept the viewing of a discount from a smartphone.

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