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                Chocolate Candy Fundraisers

                If you're looking for one of the easiest ways to raise money then consider one of our Chocolate Candy Fundraisers.

                Hershey Candy: There's probably no brand of chocolate candy bars than Hershey's so doesn't it make sense if you want to sell candy that you consider this first? Just recently we were able to negotiate a deal with Hershey that allows us to sell their candy one case at a time. That was a game changer. You'll find all their favorites in this new $2 variety pack. Click for more info...

                Peanut Free Candy Bars: Some groups have stayed away from candy bars in fear of peanut allergies. That needn't be a concern anymore. These delicious candy bars have been our best selling $1 candy bars for years. People used to flock to this product for its retail price. When they found out the candy was peanut free sales just took off. There's just a one case minimum and shipping is free. Click for more info...

                Want to look at options besides Chocolate Candy fundraisers? Take a look at the chart of fundraising options below. These are the most tried and proven fundraising products available anywhere and we feel confident you will do well with any of these.

                Fundraising Cards Quick Sell Fundraising Products Brochure Fundraising Products

                Fundraising Cards

                Guaranteed profit or your money back!

                Quick Sell Fundraisers

                Order the fundraiser then sell it, it's that easy :)

                Brochure Fundraisers

                No money needed to start - free catalogs!

                Candy Fundraising Products Lollipop Fundraising Products Scratch Card Fundraising Ideas

                Candy Fundraisers

                Our Best Selling Fundraisers

                Lollipop Fundraising

                Easy to sell and FREE Shipping!

                Scratch Card Fundraising

                Each Card Raises $100!

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