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              1. Unique Fundraising Ideas from FastTrack Fundraising Safe Fundraising
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                Candy Fundraisers for Individuals

                We get lots of calls from people wanting to raise money and wondering if we have any candy fundraisers for individuals. The answer is a resounding yes. In fact we now have more options than ever before.

                The problem with candy fundraisers for individuals and small groups historically has been the amount of candy you had to purchase at one time. But that's no longer a problem. We have a couple of great options where you can purchase as little as one case at a time.

                So here are 2 candy fundraisers we suggest you consider:

                Hershey Candy Fundraiser: Hershey's has offered the best selling fundraising candy for years and now we are able to offer you a great variety pack of name brand candy and you can buy as little as one case at a time. This is a selection of their most popular candy. Each oversided item sells for $2 each. Shipping is FREE. You can make 50% profit or more. Learn more...

                Peanut Free Candy Bars: The Original One Dollar Bar has been around for years and it's the best candy fundraiser for individuals. These candy bars sell for just $1. They are peanut free and taste great. Shipping is FREE. You can make 50% profit or more. Learn more...

                If you decide candy fundraising is simply not for you then we invite you to consider any of these great fundraising products:

                Fundraising Cards Quick Sell Fundraising Products Brochure Fundraising Products

                Fundraising Cards

                Guaranteed profit or your money back!

                Quick Sell Fundraisers

                Order the fundraiser then sell it, it's that easy :)

                Brochure Fundraisers

                No money needed to start - free catalogs!

                Candy Fundraising Products Lollipop Fundraising Products Scratch Card Fundraising Ideas

                Candy Fundraisers

                Our Best Selling Fundraisers

                Lollipop Fundraising

                Easy to sell and FREE Shipping!

                Scratch Card Fundraising

                Each Card Raises $100!

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