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              1. Unique Fundraising Ideas from FastTrack Fundraising Safe Fundraising
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                Canadian Fundraising Ideas

                FastTrack Fundraising currently serves customers in the United States only.

                We invite our Canadian visitors to visit eFundraising, our colleagues to the north,
                who can help any Canadian group get their fundraiser started.

                View all Canadian Products >

                Cookie Dough
                Baking cookies has never been
                so easy with pre-portioned cookie
                dough available in 5 delicious flavours.
                Learn More >
                One of the most profitable fundraising
                products in the industry, and they
                can be personalized as well!
                Learn More >
                Lamontagne Chocolate
                A wonderful assortment of delicious
                chocolate that is sure to please all
                your supporters.
                Learn More >

                Choose from a huge selection of
                themed gourmet lollipops, perfect
                for any group type or occasion.
                Learn More >
                Maximize supporter reach while offering the
                convenience of shopping online for over
                650 popular magazines.
                Learn More >

                View all Canadian Products >
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                Recent Fundraisers:

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